Magnetic Beauty


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As you can see, magnetic therapy within the realms of youth and beauty has come a long way since the famous Egyptian queen slept with Lodestones to keep her youthful skin. Magnetic therapy is used for maintaining youth and beauty and Cleopatra was the first celebrity reported to use magnets to procure positive effects and is believed to have slept on a Lodestone in order to keep her youthful skin and beauty. Today cosmetic science has developed smart and smooth products.

Skin care is also getting involved with magnets. An American skincare company has created a Magnetic Skin Therapy Mask which blends herbal pulps of Elderflower and Locust flower with a magnetic powder to create a powerful gel that increases blood flow to the skin.

Celebrs are crazy about it: Magnetic skin therapy instead of botox and proactive science and research for eternal (female) beauty. Cleopatra was obsessed with her fading beauty. For the 21st women, it becomes perhaps reality to stay young, the absolute magnetic beauty. Hey, could be a new slogan for Times Square.

To make your dreams come true, you don’t have to sleep any longer on a Lodestone, you’ll just have to pay the price of these amazing magnetic beauty products.  But as girls, young or old, are always ready to spend their money in order to improve their personal magnetic attraction power, magnetism in cosmetics and body shaping becomes a real flourishing niche market.

Guess how much you’ll have to pay for such a little promise of beauty?

magnetic therapy for female beauty

magnetic therapy for female beauty






3. September 2013
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