Swarm-ee – The New Magnetic Gaming Experience

Swarm-ee the magnetic iPhone game

Swarm-ee is the new magnetic iPhone game

Can you handle true North? With Swarm-ee you can. But can you navigate a steel ball across a labyrinth only by using the compass of your iPhone? You have certainly never done it before.

Today a new iPhone game enters the App store. It’s called Swarm-ee and is triggered by the European magnetic space mission Swarm. Swarm-ee makes you become a pilot of the four cardinal directions. Just turn your smartphone into the right direction and overcome obstacles, interferences and the tough force of a magnet.

Most of the test users have tilted and shaken their phones intensely. But it didn’t help. Even the experts in Apple’s review lab didn’t catch the idea.  It’s a completely new experience to turn your phone around its basis and navigate the ball. Tilting won’t help, neither shaking.

And even if you have got it, there are evil magnets suddenly distorting your way. And natural obstacles on top: Modern electric trains for example generate huge magnetic charges around their wheels when they re-gain electricity from using the brake. Major iron components in tables and devices are jamming your true north as well.

Swarm-ee is a nice little experience to learn about magnetism. It’s free. If you play it and move, it’s even more complex. Swarm-ee is full of surprises, wherever where ever you go. Check it out!

Swarm-ee is a product of #swarmcampaign – your place to find out more about our planet Earth. Available for free on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/swarm-ee/id714196263


Idea: Adam Majorosi | Production: Bubo Games Björn Bergstein | © 2013
Supported by the European Space Agency ESA

6. Dezember 2013
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