Sticky, brightening, healing!

You remember these multi colored sticky magnets on the fridge? Inside the funny motives there are perhaps extra strong neodymium magnets? They are part of the many magnets which are everywhere in our daily life: in the home, in the car, on the bike.

On the bike? Yes, inside the bike dynamo providing the electricity for your headlight! But as the dynamo rubbing agains the tire becomes rather irritating and annoying when you have to pedal uphill, clever Danish tinkerers have found a new smart solution: It’s called electromagnetic induction and a small magnet fixed at the spoke of the front wheel and another magnet fixed at the headlight. Both are flitting past each other, and at each rotation, they generate a little flash which is literally „enlightening“ your headlight.

Electromagnetic induction is also present in induction cookers. In only a few seconds, the saucepan is hot, but the cooker remains cold. No magic trick, but just electromagnetic induction transferring the energy through an electromagnetic field on the steel floor of the saucepan where it becomes heat.

In modern smartphones, a similar technique enables the wireless power transfer via induction. Sounds incredible? Our wireless electric toothbrushes are working like this since many years and, theoretically, they could provide much more power! Our teeth would sometimes really appreciate, but the collateral damages are too important: high energy losses and health risks.

Nevertheless, some people are convinced of the magnet therapy and are wearing magnetic bracelets. They are supposed to provide more energy and vitality. Some people assure that they wake up in the morning plenty of energy and dynamic, provided that they keep their magnetic bracelets during the night. But it’s still a believe, not a scientifical proof. However, British scientists have published recently a study confirming that strong magnets could bring some relieve for patients suffering from athrosis.

Magnets on our body? The revolutionary bras with magnetic fastener exist since many years and are a real comfort for girls and women with limited hand and arm mobility. But this useful technology didn’t really convince and convert the femal public. Perhaps women don’t trust the primal forces of physics? comfortable technology?


5. Juli 2013
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